This site was put together for Chitty replica builders and history of the original cars.

6 Original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang cars are accounted for:

1. Picton car, GEN 11- NZ

2. JC Bamford car GEM 11 - UK

3. Spencer "flying" car - FL , USA

4. Eon Productions - UK ?

5. Dezer Museum, FL - USA (Formerly from Cars of the Stars, Keswick Museum, UK)

6. Boat Chitty - ? Original may not exist anymore.

7. Brooklands Chitty - The race car (s) - UK


1- GEN 11

Was owned by Pierre Picton of the UK. Chitty rolled out of the workshop in June 1967 and was registered with the number plate GEN 11 given to her by Ian Fleming in his novel.
To identify: It now has rigid wings, which were added for promotional purposes later. Running boards where hinged. Fender running lights and turn signals added. Fitted with newer front axle and front brakes. Picton had it modified to run on CGN (compress natural gas) with added second tank on rear. Rear luggage rack was modified, rear tail lamps modified, Side shift lever moved to inside car. Missing original side lamps, dash fuel pump replaced. Rear doors sealed and brass trim added on wood body.

Update: This car was to be sold at auction, May 14-15, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Mid April 2011 the car was listed on eBay for 1,000,000.00. by Profiles in History.

5-15-2011 The car reportedly sold for $805,000., they had hoped for 1 to 2 million.

New owner: Sir Peter Jackson of New Zealand.
1-2012 Some Web news stories report it being resold to DJ and TV presenter Chris Evans in the UK.
All Web images show Evens driving a reproduction that was owned by Gordon Grant. (See the Gordon Grant replica below)
UK reporters are known for getting these cars mixed up and calling the reproductions original movie cars. (UK owners tend to have the same problem sometimes...) See Replicas below.


2. GEM 11

Now registered as GEM 11 - Currently owned by Anthony Banford (of JCB auto fame). Pierre Picton purchased this vehicle from Cubby Broccoli in the early 1970's. It was then on display at the Heathfield Wildlife Park in the UK and The Rotunda in Folkestone during the 1970's after being sold by Pierre Picton.

In 1980-1981 it was auctioned and purchased private collector Anthony Bamford.

When built it had no engine and was trailer-mounted during filming and used for studio process scenes with wings or flotilla added and flying car. When filming the driving sequences close ups are impossible with two moving vehicles. For this reason, Chitty 2 sat on a trailer attached to the back of another vehicle on which the cameras were mounted. This was only used for the extreme close-ups when you see the windscreen and surroundings.

Pierre Picton, who it was said fitted an engine into it and used until the late 1970's. Over the years the car has been modified. Several holes where drilled into body. A large radiator cap has been fitted, sealed beam headlamps, The panels on the bonnet (hood) are not hinged, they are painted fiberglass panels, it lifts up in one unit, a modification for unknown reason. Picton adapted the car for uses in a clown and ice show act. One front fender was modified to open as a mouth or dragon. Small wings were added.

Later it was fitted with newer front axle and front brakes. (Headlamps and brakes are most likely Department of transportation requirements to be driven on European roads)

It is occasionally displayed at the Beaullieau Motor Museum, perhaps last in early 2000. The Gordon Grant replica has been at the Museum recently, until it was sold.



Long in hiding - This Chitty was part of the "Cavalcade of Cars" exhibit at the (now closed) Gaslight Village Amusement Park in Lake George, New York. Sold in 1987. Then it was on display in the landmark restaurant attraction know as Chicago West, Mona Lisa's Hideaway, Chicago, ILL. The owner was forced to put the car up for auction. It sold June 2007 at Kruse auctions, Indiana for $505,000 to a Jacksonville, Florida collector. Back in 1998, Dean Kruse himself appraised the car at $980,000. The winning bidder, Ralph Spencer. He already owns a 1966 Bat mobile, a replica originally built for the 2001 movie Rock Star.

This was the original "Flying car car", the only one originally fitted with full wings and props. One of the less modified and untouched original cars as of the time it was auctioned. This car was fitted with a very small 4 cylinder engine to make room for the front extending wing. 2010: Rumor is that it's now undergoing restoration in Florida.(2011). 12- 2014 restoration is said to have been completed.



This version with its many aluminum (instead of brass) parts. I was told the car appears only in the water scenes of the movie in the sequence where the tide raises around the car. Later it publicized the movie in Australia for many years before being bought by an aluminum awning company. This was the first Chitty to be displayed at the Keswick Museum in the UK and was sold to EON productions a years ago. Cosmetic "tinting" work was done on the vehicle to make aluminum parts look brass color for promotion of the Chitty play, a West End UK stage Eon production. The shifter, exhaust headers and muffler are still aluminum color. (at time of this writing) It was fitted with front brakes but still has the dropped dip front axle.

Rumor was that the aluminum features was avoid the tarnishing of the brass by sea-water. Because it looked so different, they used the car for about 30 seconds in th film. They used Chitty #2 in a pool in Pinewood Studios for some water scenes. Said to be currently in storage at Pinewood Studios, UK. (in 2011)
Eon Productions is a film production company known for producing the James Bond film series (and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
2013 it was on display at the Beaullieau Motor Museum, U.K.


5. Dezer Chitty known for the "Wrong radiator grille"

Located at the Dezer Collection / museum in Florida.
This car was on display at the The Cars of the Stars Motor Museum in Keswick, Cumbria, located in the UK. for many years. It was moved to Florida in 2011 when the collection was sold. Easily identifiable by the radiator grille with the vertical strips. Since it was built (differently) it was only used in a few shots for the movie. The car is rumored to be narrower, the steering wheel sits higher, and the supporting thin bars behind the car's radiator grille run vertically (from top to bottom) in contrast to the horizontal supports on the other cars. It was in good original condition when viewed in the UK.
I was told it was only used in 2 scenes - where Lord Scrumptious is driving behind Chitty tooting the horn, right before being captured by spies and where Chitty descends the red staircase before leaving Vulgaria. Another viewers pointed out that this may be the car with the second (hidden) steering wheel and set of controls on the floor of the vehicle. Most likely the car which enters the castle without a driver in the film. Also the car which comes to a stop under the viaduct after the flying car lands,and the car towed by horses into the Vulgarian village square and used for some long-shot second unit driving scenes, and is the car which drives alongside the train during the song Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.





They could have have used one of the bodies from another car with this chassis. (before or after this scene) Information said six cars were built, they also made a race car.

Was said to be a vehicle with no chassis, (image below may say differently) mounted permanently on a flotilla which was seaworthy. A driver sat below the bonnet (hood) and steered the craft. Was said to have not survived after filming. A rare image located shows the chassis with tilting wheels. This same tilting wheels are shown on one of the cars with a wood body with rear prop exiting the water. The body matches that of the flying Chitty in that scene.


7. Brooklands Chitty / Race Car, original

One of the original chassis from an original movie race car has been reconstructed into wood bodied road car.
It's located at the Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, UK

Painted green for the movie, - Dick Van Dyke in showroom fresh speedster circa 1967/1968.

The car was fitted with two differentials to run the chain drive.


If you have more information, corrections, write me below.


Replicars, reproduction Chitty cars, builders.

Several full size reproductions exist. Below are some. Some still works in progress.

At least two others were built for the Chitty plays (not road cars)

Reproductions - From fun examples to accurate in every detail.

Note, you will find lots of news stories on the Web that misidentify the cars, often calling
reproductions original cars. (Don't believe everything you read on the Web...)


UK, England, Tony Green had this car built in about 1 1/2 years (quick) and has sold it. GEN 22
Wood body over a steel skeleton. Light weight frame. As of 2011 it is now owned or under purchase by Gregor Gee of the UK.

This one below is reduced parade or "prop car", once owned by Gordon Grant - Scotland.


2012- At least 6 (or more) reproductions in the USA are at different stages in the USA

California Chitty
Below,. The all wood body was built by one of the original chitty movie car builders in the UK
then shipped & built in Northern California by Brian S.,- cast wheels and exacting details. Custom built chassis, duplicating original..
Hand built parts, matching original details to as close as possible. Began in 2001.

20112012 2013


New York Chitty

New York City, - Tony Garofalo
Building a reproduction using a 1914 Overland Model 79 Speedster chassis
Construction started in 2009,



Illinois Chitty

Mat K. -IL

2013- Now on the road.



Keith M. of Northern Ireland

Body framework is being made out of steel. (2012) Completed 2013


Wilmington De

Converted 1926 Model T Ford


Others in various stages:
David B.- CT
Tom L. - RI
Ed P. - MI

Owners can add photos... (write me below)
(can update about once a year, on request)


One in New Zealand, an early reproduction, about circa 1990's or before.


2009 - WGG 5 Gordon Grant Chitty, reproduction (below) UK/Scotland

3-2011, now for sale...(Sold)
2012 Chris Evans of the UK has been seen driving this car. Looks to now have plates 772 YUJ.


Speedster / Race car , Dezer Museum in Florida., Built in the UK


A few more were built on Land Rover chassis.


Chitty Three Wheeler- 2013 John R. , Cambridge - UK

Who says Chitty has to have four wheels! John is building this himself from a Robin Rialto three-wheeler car, with 850cc engine.

He's doing all the work himself, and good chance this is the only 3-wheeler Chitty in the world. It's all about having fun!


Several were also made for the stage plays.


New York City, - Tony Garofalo, new owner 7-2014

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang US Broadway Touring car, that was used in over 300 shows all around the US.
The car was bought and commissioned by Big League Productions and built by PRG international  and Licensed for the show.
It is fully loaded with air compression activated wings and stage lights mounted all around and in the car for Stage purpose.
The wheels tilt at 45 degrees and spin, as well as some other neat tricks. The car has no engine, axles, or drive train, and supported
on a steel cradle frame, as the wheels cannot support the weight of the car, just for cosmetics.

Video Link-

More info: See Chitty if not on home page.




The first person on record that attempted to build the first full size Chitty replicar was Ed P. of MI around 1989-1990.

However back then it was almost impossible to get any information (not much on Web) 2012, Ed is starting over.

Some have tried and and had to give up for various reasons. Health, costs , information available, over whelming, etc.

Parts can not be bought like most antique cars or hot rods.
The Chitty car is not something you can not build quickly, as most parts are custom made, and costly. Set a deadline and you will just be frustrated.

Construction consultation is possible with appropriate compensation. 15 years of research. Seroius inqiries. Email below.



One of the older Chitty sites with lots of info, (more than just the cars) and has been around for a while.

Unsinkable Cork


Myths and rumors:

(Don't believe everything you read on the Web)

Some old myths were started years ago and just copied over the years, such as the wood being made of red and white cedar, not true, they were made of other "hardwoods". The dash coming from a British WW1 fighter airplane, I'll bet this was also a myth by some early magazine writer... as an early airplane cockpit does not match that of the cars dashboards. Perhaps modeled after a British WW1 fighter airplane could have been the original comment. "fenders were made from hand crafted wood with a black lacquer finish"....not true, they are alloy. The wheels are cast aluminum.

I have hand inspected three of the original cars myself and spoke with Alan Mann in 2000. He told me there were also no real finished construction drawings of the car. - The only blue prints/drawings were made of a concept Chitty car "similar to the car, but many changes were made". These production drawings were done by Ken Adam and the cars were built by a team of people lead by Alan Mann who lead the Ford Racing team. Alan sent me duplicates of the huge drawings. Most parts were hand made & built, a few brass parts, lamps, shifters, oil tanks, etc. were from early 1910 era Rolls Royce cars from old wrecking yards/parts suppliers. The boat tail designed after that of a Rolls Royce, the brass shell after a Bugatti and the strap on the hood like a vintage Mercedes. The frames were custom built. The wood bodies were made by a team of skilled boat builders. Alan Mann passed away in 2012.


Picton changed a few details on his car and some of the UK reproduction cars have these changes also to keep their cars looking the same.

The dark side: The temperament about the cars in the UK and the USA is quite different. Tony Green (UK) was almost forced to sell his reproduction from unjustified law suits and threats from Picton, the owner of one of the original cars. Tony had his car licensed by MGM to try to avoid conflict, but Tony did later sell the car to get away from it all.

Looking at some (not all) UK replica Web sites you will see some UK owners have been posting claims to seemingly say "my car is better than yours" and close deception to possiby be an original movie car...sad. Perhaps this will change over time with new owners and attitudes. A replica is a replica - to represent as anything other will only backfire.

In the USA. it's seemingly a different philosophy all about having fun, the history, the car hobby, the "art" of the vehicle, the challenge of construction, the people, no deception, and getting along.


A few writers also confuse the original race car, Zbrowski with the movie car, and sometimes confuse reproductions as original cars.



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