You're Right!


No - in May, 1861, the contestants of the planned duel, Assemblymen Piercy and Showalter, spent some time with Charles Fairfax at his home on the grounds of today's Marin Town and Country Club. In spite of Fairfax's attempts to dissuade them, the two men could not be swayed and they left, walking thru fields to the east to the duel site, less than a half mile downstream. They met and dueled in a meadow near today's San Anselmo and Elm Avenues. Mr. Piercy was killed by Mr.Showalter. At that time the Fairfax area included all of the 5,000 plus acres of the original Mexican Land Grant, thus the continuing claim that the duel took part in Fairfax and is part of Fairfax history. It took place in "Fairfax" then, but in San Anselmo today.