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If you wish to add additional Listings, there is a $10. (per 2 years) fee for each additional listing page requested. The request must also be somewhat suited for the category to honor the request.
By requesting this minimal fee, we hope our clients will maintain current URL and keep us aware of there Web address changes. Keeping the Directory up to date is our largest concern as addresses do change and we are often not informed.
It will also help to defer costs to track multiple listings and change when needed.
Often we can add an additional subject listing to the index page to direct clients to a listing page. If we have missed an subject, you may bring that to our attention.
For additional listings, mail a check , or PayPal ($10. for each additional, per 2 years) to: (for PayPal)
The Marin Directory
P.O. Box 774
Fairfax, CA 94978
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