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Fairfax in 1968

A view of Fairfax storefronts as photographed in 1968 ©FHS


Accordion Club at Fairfax Park, todays ball field, 1930's


Fairfax was a destination for the San Francisco Accordion Club back in the 1930's.


Fairfax Rodeo at Circle V Stables, 1959 and 1963

Located at the foot of White's Hill, now Baywood Cayon.


Fairfax family visit 2002 Fairfax CA - FHS video

The great nephew of Charles Snowden Fairfax, Hugh Fairfax of London, UK visits the town of Fairfax with his family.

Tour of the original home site of Charles and Ada Fairfax, now the former site of the Marin Town and Country Club.

A tour through town in the Fairfax vintage fire engine.

A luncheon and reception at St. Ritas' Parish Hall.

 The Railroad & White's Hill - Railroad history & view a photo taken from the canyon behind White Hill School in 1906 by a member of the Roy Family, owners of this farm at the time.

The Victoria Memorial Home - Used as a home for dependent or partly dependent people. Located at the property West of the White Hill school's playing field.



The Arequipa Sanitarium opened west of Fairfax on September 4, 1911. Its purpose was to treat tubercular infected working women of the Bay Area in pleasant and healthful surroundings and at the same time keep them occupied with meaningful tasks until they were cured and could return to their homes.

As a result of their work, Arequipa Pottery, produced from 1912 through 1917, is an important part of today's Arts and Crafts appreciation. The pottery became world famous almost immediately and today, over 80 years after work ceased, is still sought throughout the county by collectors.


Jan. 30 2007

re: Dian Fossey

We would like to correct some misinformation on many websites about Dian Fossey's birthplace.

She was not born in Fairfax, California.

Her birth certificate, on file at the San Francisco Department of Health, shows her place of residence on Broderick Street and her place of birth at Saint Francis Hospital, both in San Francisco. This would seem to make her a San Francisco native.

She was born to George E. and Hazel Kidd Fossey on January 16, 1932

The birth certificate has been on file since January 21, 1932.

From later city directories and news accounts, we find that Dian's father, George Edward Fossey, and her stepmother, Kathryn, lived at 9 Ridge Road in Fairfax from 1965 thru August of 1968. It is possible that Dian visited them before George's death in September of 1968 but we have no record of such contact. His death was reported in the Independent Journal on September 17, 1968.

Just to set the record straight and keep history accurate.


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